UChronia - Fluffed Up In Order To Be Blended.
Heritage Hub Commission for Alchemy Film & Moving Image festival, Hawick 2016.

Uchronia ( No Time) an installation of LED light boxes in the windows of The Heritage Hub, Hawick commissioned for Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival 2016. Images taken from stills from the 16mm archive film "Romance of Cashmere" each image was appropriated by Jones to create a story board of textile history. The light boxes flashed on and off randomly.

The installation is in U – Chronia – “No – time”. Working with a 1978 archive 16mm film "Romance Of cashmere" directed by Terence Donavan. Film stills have been chronologically deconstructed and lifted away from their original visual intent – in effect fluffed up and blended as “…after all the colour most favoured on a Californian golf course is quite different from the muted shade popular at the weekend in Yokohama…” (from Romance Of Cashmere – Heritage Hub archive film)

A series of lightboxes each representing a frame of film - 1 frame is 7.6mm. Each window measures 760mm.

Inside the Heritage Hub visitors watched the original archive film.