Mountain Lake
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End Of Film 01:42mins 2016

3 seconds of end of film frames from a 1978 16mm archive print “Romance of Cashmere” - Terence Donovan.


Image and sound have been stretched, cropped and digitally manipulated whilst remaining red.


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Easy To Use Tool 00:32mins  2016

A short film made in response to a commission for The Heritage Hub, Hawick for Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick 2016. The installation uses archive 16mm film as it's start point.



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Some Room 2015

An imersive, site specific, moving image installation at The Haining, Selkirk. Filmed on site with a sound track that references the historical context of Morning Rooms in stately homes and leisuely rowing across a water.  With unexplained light movements and contemporary references to a yearning for a home and the extraordianry lengths people are driven to to gain an ordinariness that many of us take for granted...


Beyond The shutter, The Haining 2015 (Installation)


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Virtually Non Existent 02:06mins  2015

Inspired by the Scottish Borders Memory Bank audio archive and a sound scape commission from The Heritage Hub in Hawick, Scottish Borders - involving samples of these audio memories mashed up with music and local field recordings. This short film is a manic, twisted extension of those sounds. Stripped back words that create a virtually non existent narrative; a strange shamanic character; cardboard characters and doorbells that all hurtle towards an end where the viewer is challenged to make sense of it all – or not.




What Else Is Space...? 03:54mins  2015

A disjointed and open ended interpretation of personal space through the eyes of a heavy set puppet, a family photograph, ripped audio and visuals and mashed up sounds.