End of Film 01:42min 2016

Romance of Cashmere (16mm,Terence Donovan 1978) was an unknown archive film found in the archive strong room in an unlabeled can at the Heritage Hub in Hawick, Scottish Borders. It was privately screened in the Heart of Hawick cinema and filmed so as to enable a basic crossover into the digital world. The 3 seconds of film that are appropriated in End of Film were first glimpsed in their glorious colour degraded redness, then meticulously edited, expanded and adjusted, stretched and digitally manipulated.


The  process of chronological deconstruction; the lifting of frames away from their original intent and history; of making transformative adjustments; the accidental filming of the 16mm running in reverse: a soundtrack (also from the original film) put through much the same process, crunched, creased and smoothed and a wonky desire to give relevance to an otherwise unseen set of frames resulted in End Of film .


End Of Film is part of  wider journey into non paper archives - mirroring the tangential, non- logical, non chronological journey blind curiosity can take us on. The project was part of an installation commission "U-Chronia ...Fluffed Up In Order To Be Blended" for The Heritage Hub, Hawick, Scottish Borders and Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2016.


Inspiration and influences:

"Time - Documents of Contemporary Art" published by The Whitechapel gallery: particularly Elena Filipovic's essay: "This is Tomorrow(and Other Modernist Myths) 2007.


La Jette - Chris Marker.


U-chronia (no -time)





















U - Chronia..Fluffed up In Order to Be Blended


U-chronia  Fluffed Up In Order To Be Blended  Installation and End Of Film were both seen at Alchemy Film Festival April 14 - 17th 2016