Blue  Book  09:00mins 2019

Blue Book was filmed and edited whilst assisting with a month long Alchemy Film & Arts Filmmakers Residency at Cafe Tissardmine in the Moroccan Sahara, 2018. Originating from a challenge set by Collective Nonsense member Vikki Litton to make a B Movie, Jones took card and silver foil to the desert.  Being in the desert for the first time was an overwhelming experience, Blue Book came from a feeling of being a otherworldly visitor to a place that was once a sea bed, evidenced by the hundreds of fossils in the rocks. This landscape felt alien, lunar and otherworldly to Jones. 

Flimed almost entirely on an iPhone with audio taken from an "Alien Interview", a visitor from our future being interrogated by men in black to find out why they are here, supposedly part of the infamous Blue Book files of conversations with Aliens. This short film perhaps did become a B movie of sorts in the end.

Please contact for screener link.